Pearl Harbour with the Jetson HandbagPearl Harbour Handbags are inspired by the life and travels of Pearl Harbour, a rock 'n' roll musician and avid collector of clothes, furniture, art, and, of course, handbags, from days gone by.

Beginning her music career in San Francisco in the 1970s, Pearl Harbor established her rock 'n' roll reputation with the 1979 hit Drivin' by her band "Pearl Harbor & the Explosions." While Pearl herself is quite modest, her trademark wacky dance moves and unique fashion sense made her stand out from the crowd, and it wasn't long before she embarked on a solo career. She moved to London (where she added the British "u" to her moniker) and began a wild decade touring Europe, Asia, and North America with bands including The Clash, the Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, and the B52's.

Throughout her travels, Pearl collected the items and fashions that inspired her. When she moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990s, her home became a museum of sorts, displaying her mid-century marvels from Germany, Great Britain, Japan, the American West, and beyond. The walls of one room in particular contain her collection of handbags, hanging as fine art on display.

While Pearl still enjoys performing in clubs around Los Angeles, she has found a new creative outlet as a designer. Her Premiere Collection boasts dazzling turquoise atomic ovals and sleek black angular shapes highlighted by a dash of red, and, much like her songwriting, each of the striking styles has something special to say.

For Pearl, handbags are the ultimate accessory. In the tradition of the vintage bags that grace her walls, every little detail--the shape, the craftsmanship, the stitching, the clasp--matters. The result is a quality, handcrafted, made-in-America, object d'art that is both glamorous and unusual.